Episode 48

Published on:

4th Nov 2019

Selessa – A Photographer Podcast Interview

Selessa is a senior portrait photographer in Michigan. Want to hear a great laugh? Listen to this podcast! She had her own advertising and design business before going full time photographer. She specializes in senior portraits and has great insight into senior model teams. Selessa is excited about seeing video and fashion inspired sessions in the industry. You’ll want to listen to how Selessa balances keeping things fresh and also photographing something your clients will purchase. You’ll also get the inside scoop on mirrorless cameras. And don’t miss Selessa’s “why” and the best advice she ever received, which will also be some of the best advice you’ve ever received! Don’t miss a great conversation about parents shooting cell phone pics during the session and how to handle that. 

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Welcome to “From nothing to Profit, a photographers podcast”. Every week Matt Hoaglin and Kia Bondurant interview successful photographers that own profitable portrait studios. The goal is to find out what is working in their business now and see what is making them so profitable. From marketing tips to business secrets, Matt and Kia will ask all the difficult questions so you can take your business from nothing to profit. If you listen to this every week, not only will you have an action plan to grow your business but you will know what the best photographers in the world are thinking about right now. Your competition will have no idea what hit them. You will steal market share and have a list of amazing marketing ideas to use all year long. If you want your portrait studio to supply for your family this is the podcast for you. Stay tuned as we interview the very best photographers in the industry so you can swipe their marketing ideas and business practices.
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