Episode 76

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8th Apr 2021

Bo Nelson - An Entrepreneur Podcast

We invited Bo Nelson on as our first ever guest who is not involved in the photography industry. As a local business owner and entrepreneur in the Kansas City area, Bo has been pioneering new ways of selling coffee. His philosophical and creative concepts are an inspiration to any business. Listen in to Bo's thoughts on the next economy that encompasses memory, vibe and experience. Get ideas from the concepts he is using in his business as a living laboratory to get immediate feedback and figure out how to create the Heartbeat and SOUL that your brand needs!

More about Josiah "Bo" Nelson:

Thou Mayest Coffee Roasters is at the heart of a Kansas City movement driven by innovation and craft. Every day, artists, entrepreneurs, government leaders, non-profit and startup leaders connect over coffee at Thou Mayest, fueling their passion to advance their city. Co-owner/majority stakeholder Bo Nelson is a big reason why.

Bo is a homegrown Kansas Citian, whose blend of rural and urban life experience reflects the city he serves. Bo grew up on a farm, working his family’s 10-acre nursery where he honed horticultural skills, learned business basics, and developed a hard work ethic that is evident in everything he does. 

Bo traveled the world, but felt the call back home, inspired to put his mark on the culture of the city he loves. Bo started Thou Mayest Coffee Roasters in 2012, built upon the idea that communities grow through connections and conversations over a good drink. 

Thou Mayest is named in reference to a passage from John Steinbeck’s East of Eden, and the shop’s design/atmosphere is equal parts Jacques Cousteau, Frank Zappa and the Boy Scouts of America. One visit and it’s evident that Bo has created a magnetic space that is itself alive, gathering people of all backgrounds and interests to have a drink and foster collaboration. 


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